The journey of CADIVI 2023: Position - Strength and Belief.

  • 09:28, 15/02/2024
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Despite the difficulties posed by subjective and objective factors, Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI) has continuously strived to innovate technology, enhance product quality... in order to seek orders and expand into new markets.


CADIVI Central Factory

Maintaining its position as the leading electric cable manufacturer in Vietnam

In 2023, amidst the general economic context, CADIVI's business situation did not meet expectations. However, compared to other enterprises in the industry, CADIVI remained relatively stable and continued to grow. Compared to the time of its privatization in 2007, CADIVI's revenue in 2023 was seven times higher. Also, compared to 2015 - the time when GELEX Group underwent restructuring, CADIVI's revenue nearly doubled.

Data from the Vietnam Economic Data Corporation (Vietdata) also shows that in the field of manufacturing wires and electric cables, CADIVI, ThiPha Cable, and Cadisun are the top three companies with the largest net revenue in the Vietnamese wire and cable market, with CADIVI showing the most stable performance in terms of net profit.

According to a survey by the High-Quality Vietnamese Enterprise Association, CADIVI consistently leads the market, accounting for 31% of the wire and cable market share in Vietnam (2021-2023).

CADIVI has surpassed over 200 enterprises in the same industry such as Cadisun, Cơ điện Trần Phú, Taya Vietnam, Daphaco, Thịnh Phát... as well as foreign competitors like Bangkok Cable (Thailand), Leader Cable Industry Berhad (Malaysia), Olympic Cable (Malaysia), PT Supreme Cable (Indonesia)... to maintain this position.

To achieve stability in business and maintain market share, CADIVI continuously invests in products and technology. CADIVI's products meet international standards such as Europe's IEC/DIN/VDE, US UL, ASTM, Japan's JIS, Australia's AS/NZS... Thanks to this, CADIVI has the capacity to expand its product range from household wires, medium and low voltage power cables... to specialized and environmentally friendly cables such as high-temperature cables, solar energy cables, airport runway lighting cables, low-smoke, zero halogen cables; electric vehicle charging station cables...

"Carrying the advantage of being a national Vietnamese brand, intimate and close to countless households through generations, yet CADIVI does not rest satisfied or risk losing the strength it has and continues to uphold even higher standards, loftier goals, and farther-reaching objectives on its developmental journey."

CADIVI's market is continuously explored and expanded across all three regions of Vietnam. From being primarily focused on the Southern market (which accounted for up to 65% of CADIVI's total revenue in 2022), it has extended its reach to the Northern market. The company has also developed distribution channels with over 200 first-tier agents and about 2,000 second-tier agents nationwide. Additionally, the CADIVI brand has been registered in many countries such as the United States, Australia, and China. Consequently, products have been aggressively exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, China, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia...

CADIVI's products have been honored as the Vietnamese National Brand for 8 consecutive times; the title of "High-Quality Vietnamese Goods" for 27 consecutive years; and listed in the TOP 25 leading consumer and industrial goods companies in 2023 by Forbes Vietnam... along with numerous other prestigious awards. This collection of awards recognizes, appreciates, and contributes to affirming CADIVI's reputation and strength in the market. It also acknowledges the dedication and relentless work process of the leadership team and over 1,000 employees of the company.

Internal strength from five decades of development

Over nearly 50 years of formation and development, CADIVI has established and affirmed its position as a domestically strong enterprise with rich traditions in the market. CADIVI has become the oldest and largest electric cable brand in Vietnam. Its products have accompanied the country's industrialization, modernization processes, and have been involved in national development projects such as 110kV, 220kV, 500kV high-voltage power lines; Saigon – Suoi Tien Metro, Long Thanh Airport...

With the goal of "Never stop reaching further" and core values of "Unity - Creativity - Development", CADIVI persists in fulfilling its mission of "Bringing light everywhere", delivering better values to the community, contributing to the country's overall development.

Besides offering stable quality products and convenient services to customers, the value that CADIVI creates also lies in providing a professional working environment and development opportunities for its employees. As a result, CADIVI has become a place where the youth preserve their youth - a place of dedication for thousands of employees, including those from multi-generational families, all of whom are "CADIVI people". This is an invaluable asset, a strength that helps the company overcome all difficulties and challenges.

Currently, CADIVI is managed by an experienced leadership team. Among the 8 members of the Executive Board, 6 have worked at CADIVI for over 20 years, with the least experienced member having worked at CADIVI for at least 11 years. For example: CEO Le Quang Dinh, CFO Duong Lieu Mai Khanh, COO Ho Quang Nhan, CCO Le Tran Vinh...

Long-term working experience has helped the leadership team understand CADIVI better than anyone else, not only understanding the company's strengths but also comprehending the market's difficulties, limitations, and challenges posed by the times for the industry and the company. With all their dedication and attachment to the company through various developmental periods, the leadership team has led, managed, and steered CADIVI through difficult phases to achieve strong growth.

Today's CADIVI also possesses a team of young talents, highly skilled professionals, dynamic, and ready to contribute. With over 50% of the company's employees being technical workers, the rest, alongside middle and senior managers, are officers and employees from specialized functional departments, forming an internal force that helps CADIVI operate efficiently and transparently.

In addition to the existing internal strength, after privatization and becoming a member of the GELEX system, CADIVI continues to receive many support resources from GELEX Electric Company and the Group, bringing about many new changes in its business operations. Not only inheriting the reputation from the GELEX Group with leading brands in the electrical equipment industry, but CADIVI also enjoys many other values ​​such as operational strategies, corporate governance, technology, media support, human resources... Thanks to this, under the guidance of the Group and the parent company, with a focus on resources for CADIVI, the company has not only succeeded in overcoming difficulties, maintaining market share but also continuously increasing its reputation and stature in the domestic and international electrical equipment market.

Confidence in the future

In 2024, the promising economic recovery promises to drive growth for CADIVI. To realize its vision of becoming one of the largest and most reputable electric cable manufacturers in Southeast Asia, CADIVI is ready to take a new direction, focusing on its products as the core and as a way to win customers, opening up new opportunities and markets. Especially in developing the Northern market.

48 years is a long journey witnessing many stages of CADIVI's brand development. Today, CADIVI continues to step firmly forward, holding onto faith in its journey and future... With unanimity, CADIVI always takes innovation and creativity as the driving force for sustainable development and realizes the aspiration to spread the CADIVI brand across the entire homeland and beyond into the international arena.

Source: Xuân Giáp Thìn GELEX News Magazine