About us

Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation
is a Joint stock Enterprise belonging to GELEX ELECTRIC., JSC. CADIVI specilizes in producing various kinds of electric wires and cables to supply in National Economy as well as daily consumption of electric power and for export.
Head office: 70-72 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Str., Dist. 1, HCMC.
Tel: +84 28 38292971 / 38292972 / 38299443 - Fax: +84 28 38299437

Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation was established in 1975 as a state-owned enterprise with the brand-name of CADIVI - specializing in manufacturing various kinds of electric wire and cable. By September of 2007, CADIVI was equitized to be a joint stock corporation.

CADIVI currently employ many knowledgeable, skillful and experienced employees. Half of these are the technical workers, beside the middle and high level management executives, the majority of the remainder being involved in functional departments as Commerce and Production, Finance and Accounting, Engineering, Quality Management, Human Resource and Administration…

Presently, CADIVI has 5 factories, 2 branches and a distributing system of more than 200 agents throughout Vietnam. CADIVI owned the leading technology in wire and cable manufacturing in Vietnam, equipped with machinery and equipment from Europe, USA and advanced countries in the region. The capacity of the Company is:

  • 60.000 MT of copper/year. 

  • 40.000 MT of aluminum/year. 

  • 20.000 MT of PVC compound/year (material of wire and cable production, mainly for CADIVI use)


 CADIVI product includes:

  • Building wires and cables;
  • Power cables;
  • Bare overhead conductor (copper and aluminum);
  • Magnetic wires;aerial bundled cables
  • Medium voltage cables,
  • LAN cables; automotive cables
  • Service entrance cable, sector cable, duplex cable;
  • Control cables, water-blocked cables;
  • Flame retardant cables, fire resistant cables;
  • PVC conduits and accessories
  • Exported products…



ACCC® conductor

Being the Vietnam leading electric wire and cable manufacturer, pursuing the slogan "Good Conduction - Safe Insulation – Power Saving" CADIVI products are produced and tested in conformity with national standard TCVN and popular international standards such as IEC, ASTM, JIS, AS, BS, DIN, UL... CADIVI is the first wire and cable manufacturer in Vietnam obtained ISO 9002:1994 certification in 1998 and switched to ISO 9001:2000 in 2002 then to ISO 9001:2008 now.

CADIVI always focused on quality, style and price of products. With the motto "Transmitting Power Everywhere", CADIVI products have accompanied with electricity industry development, joined in large projects such as 500kV, 220kV, 110kV transmission lines; national electric grid improvement; rural area energy projects.... CADIVI brand-name has been trusted and reputable, being the leading brand in the industrialization - modernization of Vietnam. Over 34 years of development, CADIVI has obtained many awards from Government and recognized Organizations and Associations.

CADIVI defines the Targets and Mission of the Company is to bring the best, safiest and the most saving solutions of electrical transmission to the consumers; to maximize profits of shareholders and interest of employees; to contribute to a better society. CADIVI’s vision is to become the leading electric wire and cable company of Asean Region by 2020. The main values addressed by the Company are: Reliability of product quality, advantages and satisfaction of services for the customers; Professional working environment and development opportunities for employees; High and sustainable interests for shareholders; Employment opportunities and environmental friendliness for society.