Conductor cross-section should be indicated in the product name on the label for power cables

  • 01:17, 23/08/2022
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Currently, to select wires and cables for projects, it is usually done according to the following steps:





  • First, the electrical design unit for civil and industrial works is based on the capacity of the loads, installation conditions, wiring length... calculate and select the type of wire and cable with appropriate cross-section based on into technical documents, product catalogs, from which the list of electrical cables and supplies needed for the project.
    This list will be transferred to the Owner or Contractor for procurement.
    However, according to the habit, buyers often choose power cables according to the name of the product, but are less interested in the nominal cross-section, because the number in the name is the cross-section.
    Therefore, "The conductor cross-section should be shown in the product name printed on the wire and on the label" to avoid confusion when shopping, this is very important because it affects electrical safety and fire prevention.


In order to ensure electrical safety and prevent fire and explosion in electrical use, we recommend that for electrical cable products, the naming of the product name printed on the wire and on the label attached to the electric cable coil in such a way that consumers Users can easily choose and buy electrical cable products for their projects in accordance with the design by showing:


Technicians of CADIVI R& D Dept.