CADIVI proud to become national brand VIETNAM VALUE 6th consecutive time

  • 07:57, 21/12/2018
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On December 20, 1818, in Hanoi, the National Brand Council and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce held a ceremony to announce the National Brand Name (GCN) in 2018. Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation is the enterprise branded the 6th time in a row.

Being one of the 20 enterprises for the sixth time in a row is recognized as the National Brand is a great encouragement to all employees of CADIVI, helping to affirm the ability and prestige of the brand. At the same time, CADIVI will continue to develop its brand in the international market in the future.

In the context of international economic integration, becoming one of the national brands will create many advantages for CADIVI to reach the international market, contributing to promoting national image through product brand. With the desire to bring CADIVI from the national brand to the international brand, in the period from 2018-2022, the company will approach and effectively use the mobilized capital to focus on investment, development and expansion. production lines in the North and Central; diversify many kinds of products to meet the fastest, best needs of customers; Maintaining traditional export markets such as the US, Myanmar and Cambodia, and expanding export markets to countries like Japan and Australia; At the same time, we continue to actively participate in trade promotion programs of the Ministry of Industry and Trade so as to have the opportunity to learn about and expand the export market more quickly, striving to become one of the manufacturers of electric cables. Leading Southeast Asia.


Le Tran Vinh, General Director of CADIVI Northern Limited Company at the ceremony of announcing the National Day 2018

In the context of global economic integration, the national branding program has great significance for Vietnamese enterprises, helping Vietnamese enterprises to create a firm foothold in the domestic market and have conditions to distribute them. Launch your brand into the world. The striving for three values that the National Brand Program is oriented towards is Quality - Innovation, Creativity - Leadership will help Vietnamese enterprises to develop more fully and sustainably in the face of competitive pressure. At present, it contributes to building the image of the country in the eyes of international friends.

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