• 08:52, 21/06/2022
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Recently, the Vietstock Securities and Financial Information and Securities Portal in association with the Vietnam Financial Management Association (VAFE) and the Electronic Finance & Life Magazine ( The survey revealed information on Vietnam's stock market in 2022, according to which CADIVI has met the standard of compliance with the obligation to disclose information on the Vietnamese stock market.

The survey results in 2022 show that 114 enterprises have reached information standards in 2017, accounting for 16.96% of the total number of enterprises. Of which, Large Cap has 11 companies, Mid Cap has 40 companies and Small & Micro Cap has 63 companies.

• The Large Cap group has the best information disclosure management. Meanwhile, Small & Micro Cap is the group with the weakest information disclosure management.

• Businesses often violate Survey Criteria related to: Publication of Financial Statements, General Meeting of Shareholders and Management Reports.

• DNNY achieves better standards of disclosure of information than non-standard businesses. The marginal profit margin of the SME sector reached the information disclosure standard reaching 12.6% while the non-performing group reached only 5.9%.

• Enterprises with the standard of information disclosure are interested in the securities market when the capitalization value of 114 national enterprises achieves the EBT standards of 2017 reaching VND 871,065 billion, while the capitalization value of 558 SOEs has not met the standard of 803,065 billion co.

Accordingly, CAV's shares of CADIVI are in the mid cap group, with a total of 40 enterprises accounting for 28.57%.


In order to achieve this prestige, CADIVI has met many strict criteria of the Council of Survey, such as Compliance with regulations on information disclosure of Circular 155/2016 / TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance. Investment community points to receive information published, must be listed before 01/07/2016 ...


With a solid position in the financial and securities industry, along with business transparency over the past time, CADIVI will strive to exceed the level of production targets the Board of Directors has set out.