CADIVI Company joins hands for Agent Orange victims

  • 11:02, 27/07/2022
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The walking program "For victims of Agent Orange/dioxin" was held on the 61st anniversary of the Agent Orange/dioxin disaster in Vietnam (August 10, 1961 - August 10, 2022) to share. , to soothe the soul, to try to close the past, towards the future. With the attendance of about 5,000 people, the program was broadcast live on channel VTV9 of Vietnam Television.

Walking program "For Agent Orange/dioxin victims" is a meaningful activity. Through 14 years of implementation, the program has widely promoted to all people about the pain of Agent Orange victims that they have suffered for decades, understanding the cruelty of war not only instantaneous, but it lasts for generations. The prestige of the program has also been confirmed, the victims of Agent Orange and poor people with disabilities have also received more and more attention from the community.


Participating in sponsoring and accompanying the program, GELEX corporation can use advertising services in the program with 4 brand logos including GELEX, CADIVI, THIBIDI and EMIC.


Responding to the program, not only contributing materially but also expressing it in spirit, CADIVI's employees joined the atmosphere with more than 5,000 people from other organizations participating in walking along the long route. 3km. This is a meaningful activity showing the spirit of mutual affection, a beautiful gesture of the Company's youth in participating in alleviating the pain of Agent Orange victims after the war disaster. at the same time, it also demonstrates CADIVI's responsibility to the community and society.