"CADIVI Company sponsors the construction of the 'Community Fire Safety and Firefighting Unit' in the residential area."

  • 08:36, 25/08/2023
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"On August 24, 2023, CADIVI Company carried out a sponsorship of 14,000 meters of VCmd-2x0.5 electrical wire, valued at 60 million Vietnamese dong, to support the construction of the 'Community Fire Safety and Firefighting Unit' in Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City."

The model of the "Community Fire Safety and Firefighting Unit" is a civil project currently being implemented in Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, aligned with practical requirements and supported by the people. It addresses the tasks of prevention and control of fires and explosions, as well as fire prevention and firefighting within the residential community. Through this model, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward will establish a core force employing the safest possible solutions, contributing to ensuring security and order, enhancing public awareness of fire safety, firefighting, rescue, and relief efforts. Simultaneously, it will effectively implement the "4 on-site" principle (on-site command, on-site personnel, on-site equipment, on-site materials and logistics), proactively mitigating and minimizing the risks of fire and explosions.


A representative of CADIVI Company presented a donation of 14,000 meters of electrical wire to Mr. Cao Hong Viet, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Nguyen Thai Binh Ward.

As a leading manufacturer of electrical cables with the largest market share in Vietnam, CADIVI Company is at the forefront of researching and developing high-quality, safe, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant electrical cable products. We aspire that the sponsored products will contribute to achieving the highest effectiveness in fire prevention and firefighting efforts within the residential community, ensuring the safety of lives and properties for individuals and organizations. Furthermore, CADIVI Company also hopes that the "Community Fire Safety and Firefighting Unit" model from Nguyen Thai Binh Ward will be expanded and replicated in various other areas in Ho Chi Minh City and across different provinces nationwide.