Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI) appoints a new CEO

  • 04:51, 04/05/2024
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The new CEO of CADIVI is Mr. Ho Quang Nhan - currently serving as the Deputy CEO, who has been with the company for 12 years.

On April 24th, CADIVI's Board of Directors signed and issued a Decision approving the resignation of Mr. Le Quang Dinh from the position of CEO, the legal representative of the company, based on his personal wishes, and simultaneously appointed Mr. Ho Quang Nhan - the Deputy CEO of the company - to hold the position of CEO, the legal representative.

The change in CEO, the legal representative of the company, takes effect from May 3rd, 2024.

Mr. Le Quang Dinh, with over 37 years of dedication, has been alongside CADIVI's development through many stages. He has held the position of CEO, the legal representative of the company, since December 1st, 2016. Over his 8 years as the captain of CADIVI, Mr. Dinh has provided proper, resolute leadership, and made significant contributions to the success of Vietnam's number one electric cable company.

After a long period of dedication, Mr. Le Quang Dinh expressed his wish to resign, proactively passing on leadership to a new generation of leaders from experienced, dedicated personnel to young, dynamic, enthusiastic leaders, to meet the company's strategic development requirements in the new phase.

Mr. Ho Quang Nhan, whom CADIVI's Board of Directors trusts and appoints as CEO, is currently the Deputy CEO of the company.

Mr. Ho Quang Nhan was born in 1979, graduated with a degree in industrial engineering. He began working at CADIVI in 2012. Through various positions, in 2022, he was appointed Deputy CEO.


Portrait of Mr. Ho Quang Nhan - the new CEO of CADIVI.

With dedication, extensive experience, specialized knowledge, and a long-standing commitment, along with a deep understanding of the company's system, Mr. Nhan has worked with the members of CADIVI's Board of Directors to enhance product research and development, marketing, improve supply chains, increase market share, and enhance the influence of the CADIVI brand in the market.

In the past year of 2023, CADIVI's consolidated revenue reached 10.084 trillion dong, achieving 83% of the plan; consolidated pre-tax profit reached 529 billion dong, reaching 118% of the plan. These results have significantly contributed to the overall results of the parent company GELEX Electric and the GELEX Corporation system as a whole.

CADIVI also established CADIVI North Joint Venture Company Limited, marking a new milestone in the journey to conquer the Northern market. By focusing on R&D and leading green living trends, CADIVI has introduced many breakthrough products with superior features, safety, and environmental friendliness.

Currently, CADIVI is entering a new stage of development with many important goals set by the company's Board of Directors. The appointment of Mr. Ho Quang Nhan is expected, and the young, dynamic leadership team will inherit and leverage the achievements and results achieved, continue to innovate, and create even more powerful and effective transformations for the company in the time ahead.