The CADIVI Company joins hands to contribute to building a Great Unity House for the people of Nhon Hoi Commune, An Phu District, An Giang Province.

  • 04:46, 31/05/2024
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In order to demonstrate social responsibility, spread the tradition of "the healthy leaf protects the torn leaf," and contribute to improving the lives of people in difficult circumstances, the CADIVI Cable and Electrical Wire Company (the Company) coordinated with the People's Committee of Nhon Hoi Commune, An Phu District, An Giang Province to organize a program to donate Great Unity Houses to poor households in the commune.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyễn Văn Thao, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front in An Phú District, An Giang Province, stated: "Currently, An Phú District has 3,254 poor households, 3,366 near-poor households, over 200 households in need of housing, and over 2,000 households facing difficult living conditions. This activity of donating Great Unity Houses embodies the principles of 'drinking water, remembering the source' and 'repaying gratitude,' aiming to show appreciation for the land and people of the revolutionary homeland, and to provide loving homes for the poor and vulnerable so that no one is left behind."

In this round, representatives from the government, various organizations, and sponsors handed over 8 Great Unity Houses to families in particularly difficult circumstances, who are lonely and have no place to rely on. Each house has an area of 36 square meters, is built solidly, ensures safety, and meets the basic living needs of the families. CADIVI Company contributed 50 million VND to build a Great Unity House for Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Lành in Tac Truc Hamlet.


At the donation ceremony, Mr. Lê Hoàng Ngân, Head of Power Order Processing, representing CADIVI Company, expressed the hope that the program would help families in difficult circumstances stabilize their lives, rise out of poverty, and join hands to build a more prosperous homeland.

This activity is part of the plan by the Party Committee of Agencies and Enterprises in An Giang Province to carry out social welfare activities in Nhon Hoi Commune, An Phu District, in 2024. The Party Committee of Agencies and Enterprises of An Giang Province, in coordination with the An Giang Provincial Military Command and An Giang Provincial Police, mobilized resources to build houses meeting the standards of Great Unity Houses for policy families, families of revolution contributors, ethnic minorities, and others in the border commune to have stable housing.


The program has received a warm welcome from the people of Nhon Hoi Commune. This demonstrates CADIVI's concern and responsibility towards the community, contributing to spreading the spirit of mutual support and cooperation in helping those in difficult circumstances in society.