GELEX, Viglacera, CADIVI in the Top 25 Leading Brands of Forbes Vietnam

  • 11:58, 19/10/2023
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Within the framework of the Brand Conference 2023, Forbes Vietnam has honored the "Top 25 leading company brands in the fields of personal and industrial consumer goods." The GELEX Group system boasts a total of 3 brands in this ranking.

This is the 8th consecutive year that Forbes Vietnam has compiled the list of leading brands, and it's the 3rd year in which they've categorized company brands by sectors.

This year's ranking focuses on companies in the personal and industrial consumer goods sectors. As a general principle, a company's profit is generated from both tangible and intangible assets. Therefore, a company's brand contributes to its profit, and this contribution helps determine the value of the company's brand.


The Top 25 company brands in the personal and industrial consumer goods sector, as voted by Forbes Vietnam, are as follows:

1. The GELEX brand is valued at 92 million USD.
2. The Viglacera brand is valued at 48.2 million USD.
3. The CADIVI brand is valued at 13 million USD.


Representatives of the GELEX Group, Viglacera, and CADIVI received the prestigious cup at the event held on October 17th in Ho Chi Minh City.

Being included in the reputable rankings by Forbes Vietnam has affirmed the strength and brand reputation of the GELEX Group and its member companies, Viglacera and CADIVI, within the Vietnamese business community.

Starting as an electrical equipment company, after over three decades, GELEX has made impressive strides alongside the country's economy. Through its subsidiary companies, GELEX owns reputable national brands such as Viglacera, CADIVI electrical cables, THIBIDI transformers, and renowned brands like EMIC electrical measuring equipment, HEM electric motors, CFT copper wires, and Sông Đà clean water.

Currently, GELEX is positioned as one of Vietnam's leading investment groups, with investments in core areas: Industrial manufacturing (electrical equipment, construction materials), Infrastructure (renewable energy, clean water, industrial zones, and industrial real estate), and social housing.

In the context of the broader economic challenges, GELEX has employed a flexible business strategy and timely, synchronized solutions to help its member companies maintain sustainable growth, making significant contributions to the overall development of the industry.

Viglacera is currently a leading manufacturer of construction materials and real estate in Vietnam. In the construction materials sector, Viglacera is the leading brand providing a comprehensive range of construction materials, distributing them across the Vietnamese market and exporting to over 40 countries worldwide.


Viglacera is the only company in Vietnam to have a product display booth at the world's largest international exhibition for construction materials and design, Cersaie, in Bologna, Italy in 2023.

CADIVI is the leading manufacturer of electrical cables in Vietnam, specializing in the production of various types of electrical wires and cables for a wide range of applications, serving national power projects, residential electrical projects, and exporting its products.


CADIVI's primary electrical cable CXE/S 1x6 mm2 - 5 kV is used in the airport signal light system.

In addition to directly contributing to the overall business results of the entire GELEX Group, the brand strength of GELEX, Viglacera, and CADIVI also opens up new opportunities and prospects for the business in the future.

To create brand value, these companies started from scratch with a great deal of consistent and sustained effort. They went through the process of building value, culture, and identity to develop both brand recognition and brand perception, making the GELEX, Viglacera, and CADIVI brands stand out in the fiercely competitive market and become invaluable assets for the business.