Establishment of CADIVI Northern Region One Member Limited Liability Company

  • 08:25, 08/04/2024
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This event marks a new milestone in CADIVI's journey to conquer the Northern market - the number one electrical cable brand in Vietnam.


The ceremony to announce the establishment of CADIVI Northern Region One Member Limited Liability Company took place in Bac Ninh province on the morning of April 6th, with the attendance of GELEX Group leaders, leaders of Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI), and a large number of customers, agents, and partners…


The overview of the ceremony:

At the event, Mr. Le Quang Dinh - General Director of Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI) stated: "As a national brand of Vietnam, for nearly 50 years, CADIVI has created a wide-ranging influence in the market, building trust with customers and partners. With the strength and position it has achieved, in 2024, CADIVI's goal is to strengthen its presence in the Northern market, making breakthroughs on this new journey."

CADIVI's leadership evaluates the Northern market as rich in potential with plenty of room for development. However, it is also a market with fierce competition, presenting many challenges. Nevertheless, by entering this market, CADIVI will have the opportunity to demonstrate its capabilities, built upon a strong internal foundation over nearly five decades.

In his mission acceptance speech, Mr. Le Tran Vinh - Deputy General Director of CADIVI Company, General Director of CADIVI Northern Region affirmed: "This is a significant milestone, a major step forward for CADIVI, affirming our determination to expand and conquer the Northern market. The company will continue to enhance the development of its distribution system with transparent, fair sales policies, ensuring close connectivity between CADIVI and its distribution network to provide customers with comprehensive and timely product offerings."


Mr. Le Tran Vinh - Deputy General Director of CADIVI Company, General Director of CADIVI Northern Region, spoke at the event:

"The company will always focus all resources, including human resources, policies, technology, management, marketing - communications... to achieve the set goals," emphasized the General Director of CADIVI Northern Region.


CADIVI Factory in Bac Ninh

During the ceremony, CADIVI's leadership also shared plans for developing new products, aligning with the strategic vision and embracing the trend of green living. The company has successfully conducted research and pioneered the introduction of new-generation residential electrical wire and cable products that are fire-resistant, lead-free, and smokeless.

This achievement is the result of a process of research, testing, leveraging modern technologies to deliver quality products to customers. It is in line with the company's long-term development strategy, reflecting a broader vision and CADIVI's commitment to sustainable development with the message "CADIVI Electrical Wires and Cables - Living Green, Living Safely."

Representing the company, Mr. Le Tran Vinh - General Director of CADIVI Northern Region expressed a desire to continue receiving support from agents, partners, and customers, to contribute efforts together in bringing the best quality products to customers, spreading new living values, and contributing to Vietnam's development.

A pioneer in the field of electrical wires and cables in Vietnam, since 1975, CADIVI has consistently maintained its position as a resilient and tradition-rich enterprise in the market, accompanying the country's industrialization and modernization process through landmark projects such as 110kV, 220kV, 500kV high-voltage lines; the Saigon - Suoi Tien Metro line, Long Thanh Airport, and others.

CADIVI's products have been honored as the National Brand of Vietnam for 8 consecutive times; awarded the "High-Quality Vietnamese Goods" title for 28 consecutive years; recognized as one of the TOP 25 leading consumer and industrial goods brands in 2023 by Forbes Vietnam... along with many other prestigious awards.

Currently, CADIVI has developed a distribution channel with over 200 first-tier agents and approximately 2,000 second-tier agents nationwide.