CADIVI proud to become national brand VIETNAM VALUE 5th consecutive time

  • 02:59, 21/11/2016
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On the day 30/11/2016, in Hanoi, National Brand Council and the Ministry of Industry and Trade held a ceremony Announced businesses achieve National Brand (THQG) 2016. JSC Vietnam Power Cable the brand is now reaching the 5th National consecutively.

Becoming 1 in 23 enterprises 5th consecutive time recognized as National Brand is a huge incentive for the staff collective CADIVI, which confirms the capacity and credibility of the brand CADIVI, and CADIVI motivation to continue to develop the brand on the international market in the near future.

In terms of economic integration in the world, becoming one of the national brands will create more favorable conditions for CADIVI expanding international markets, thus contributing to promoting the country's image through product branding. Wishing to put CADIVI from national brands to international brands, the period from 2016-2020, the company will approach and efficient use of funds mobilized to focus on investment, growth and expansion production lines in North, Central; diversified range of products to meet the fastest, the best the needs of customers; maintaining the traditional export markets such as the US, Myanmar, Cambodia .. and expanding export markets to countries like Japan, Australia; and continued active participation of trade promotion program of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to have the opportunity to learn and expand export markets faster stronger, striving to become one of the leading manufacturer of power cables Southeast Asia's leading.

In the context of global economic integration, national brand program has great significance for enterprises to Vietnam, Vietnam to help businesses create a strong foothold in the domestic market and distribution conditions develop its brand to the world. The struggle in three values ​​that national brand program that aims to LACHAT amount - Innovation and creativity - Leadership will help Vietnam develop businesses comprehensive and sustainable competitive pressure intense as the current market, contributing to building the country's image in the eyes of international friends.

Some pictures CADIVI accredited National Brands over the years:

Mr Nguyễn Lộc - CEO CADIVI awarded Vietnam Value 2014
Mr Lê Quang Định - Vice CEO CADIVI awarded Vietnam Value 2012
Mr Nguyễn Trung Trường - Director of Northern Branch awarded Vietnam Value 2010
Mr Hoàng Nghĩa Đàn -  CEO CADIVI awarded Vietnam Value 2008