CADIVI products are certified as typical industrial and supporting products in 2022

  • 07:30, 10/01/2023
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On January 09, 2022, the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City held a ceremony to award typical industrial and supporting industry products in 2022 for 56 businesses in HCMC, including CADIVI.

The criteria for participation in the program are the products - industrial and supporting industries of the City that have the ability to contribute to the industrial development and economic restructuring of the City, from there. to build mechanisms and policies to support the development of the selected typical products. In addition, the program also gradually builds and forms a portfolio of typical industrial and supporting industry products of the City, serving as a basis for investment promotion and calling activities in the supporting industry. support. Through that, it contributes to create a driving force to encourage enterprises to actively innovate and create in production and business.

After more than 8 months of working, the Department of Industry and Trade presided over and coordinated with the Supporting Industry Development Center and related units to score the participating products and product groups. On January 13, 2021, the Voting Council scored and selected the participating documents, according to which 92 products and product groups of 56 enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City won the award. CADIVI Company was honored to receive the title of Outstanding Supporting Industrial Products for the group of low voltage electric cable, medium voltage cable; fire retardant cable, less smoke, toxic air, and solar cable group against termites and rodents.



Representative of CADIVI company - Mr. Nguyen Tung Minh (Technical Director of CADIVI company) -At the title recognition ceremony