• 01:26, 16/10/2023
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On October 14, 2023, CADIVI company successfully organized the closing ceremony of the 2023 Skilled Worker Competition with the participation of the company's leadership, the Party Committee, the Trade Union Executive Board, and 31 contestants.

Recently, CADIVI Company launched the 2023 Skilled Worker Competition. The competition was organized with the aim of selecting, recognizing, and honoring skilled laborers, providing a platform for them to demonstrate their capabilities, learn, exchange production experience, and apply creative, efficient equipment and tools usage. It also emphasized adherence to production guidelines and regulations, implementation of ISO standards, and the practice of 5S principles. This was all geared towards improving the quality and productivity of the company's manufacturing process, exceeding business production targets.

This year's competition was divided into five sectors: Insulation, Pulling, Twisting, Residential Insulation, and Cable Sheathing. It saw the participation of 173 contestants from various CADIVI production units, including CADIVI Eastern Factory, CADIVI Tan A Factory, CADIVI Central Factory, CADIVI Dong Nai-TSC Factory, and CADIVI Bac Ninh Factory. The competition included both theoretical and practical assessments to comprehensively evaluate the contestants' professional competence.

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Hội thi tại Nhà máy CADIVI Tân Á

Kết quả hội thi đã chọn được các cá nhân và tập thể xuất sắc.z4787114023016_83a0374f109322ef62e0119fdbb61339Ông Lê Quang Định, TGĐ công ty CADIVI trao giải Bàn Tay Vàng cho các thí sinh


Ông Hồ Quang Nhân-Phó TGĐ SX công ty CADIVI và bà Dương Liễu Mai Khanh, Phó TGĐ TC công ty CADIVI trao giải Thợ giỏi cho các thí sinh

91b3fc757d15aa4bf304Ông Lê Quang Định-TGĐ công ty CADIVI và bà Dương Liễu Mai Khanh, Phó TGĐ TC công ty CADIVI trao giải Toàn đoàn cho các thí sinh


The competition serves as one of the foundations for evaluating the current status of the labor force, enabling the development of training and development plans to enhance the professional expertise and skills of employees. This, in turn, helps meet the production and business requirements of the company. It can be said that the competition has had a positive ripple effect, motivating the workforce across the entire company to actively engage in learning, training, and improving their professional knowledge, skills, and work etiquette. This, in turn, enhances labor productivity and ensures the stability of product quality.


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