CADIVI has unveiled new products to meet the needs of urban development.

  • 09:34, 13/10/2023
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Currently, due to the impact of global climate change, weather patterns are becoming increasingly extreme and complex, making it challenging to predict. This has led to many difficulties in the design and construction of urban areas. Specifically, construction projects need to consider the likelihood of conditions such as high humidity, waterlogging, occurring in more places and more frequently for underground systems within the soil.

Due to the influence of global climate change, weather conditions are becoming increasingly extreme and unpredictable, causing many challenges in urban design and construction. Specifically, construction projects need to consider the potential for humid and waterlogged environmental conditions, which are occurring in more places and more frequently for underground systems within the soil.

For underground power cables, the need for long-term safe operation is a critical concern, especially given the increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather conditions. The challenge for CADIVI is to enhance the ability of medium-voltage underground power cables to withstand humidity, water submersion, and prolonged submersion in water while maintaining durable and safe operation.

CADIVI's underground medium-voltage power cables with TR-XLPE insulation - an optimal solution for humid and waterlogged environments.

As a leading cable manufacturer in Vietnam, CADIVI is committed to researching and developing products with higher performance and longer-lasting usability to meet the evolving market demands. In areas prone to high humidity or waterlogging, if water drainage (to ensure a dry operating environment) is not effective over an extended period, underground medium-voltage power cables can be at risk of water intrusion, leading to the corrosion of the XLPE insulation layer - this is known as "Water treeing" inside XLPE, which reduces the cable's insulating capability and poses a risk of electrical discharge, arcing, and safety hazards to the electrical system and the structure.

To enhance the ability to withstand humidity, water submersion, CADIVI has introduced a new product: Underground medium-voltage power cables with TR-XLPE (Tree Retardant XLPE) insulation material, featuring the following characteristics:

1. Water Tree Resistant: TR-XLPE-insulated power cables are manufactured with a special insulating layer that resists the formation of water trees. This prevents the growth of water trees within the insulating layer, ensuring good insulation performance and a longer cable lifespan.

2. Suitable for Humid Environments: With its water tree resistance, TR-XLPE-insulated power cables are ideal for use in areas with high humidity or wet environments, such as coastal areas, flood-prone regions, or special underground structures like metro stations, docks, airports, and more.

3. Reliability and Safety: TR-XLPE-insulated power cables are designed and manufactured to comply with strict safety standards, ensuring reliable power transmission under all humid and submersion conditions.

4. Longevity: TR-XLPE-insulated power cables offer excellent insulation capabilities, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

5. Diverse Applications: These underground medium-voltage power cables are commonly used in the transmission and distribution of electrical power in urban and rural areas, as well as various industrial sectors.

CADIVI's commitment to innovation and product development ensures that their cables meet the challenges of a changing climate and evolving urban environments.


In today's world, the formation and development of mega-cities imply the emergence of larger and more densely populated structures. Therefore, ensuring safety and fire prevention is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed. To contribute to creating a safer living environment, CADIVI has introduced a new product: Fire-resistant electrical cable with a heat resistance rating of 1,050°C, meeting AS/NZS standards.

CADIVI's fire-resistant electrical cable with a 1,050°C heat resistance rating has advanced features, including:

- Withstanding a temperature of 1,050°C for 2 hours.
- Meeting the AS/NZS standards of Australia and New Zealand.

This cable is used in projects with special requirements, such as airports, train stations, underground railways, and more. Recently, CADIVI successfully exported a batch of 1,050°C fire-resistant cables to the Australian market with a value in the millions of Australian dollars.

In conclusion, the "Underground Medium-Voltage Power Cable with TR-XLPE Insulation" and the "Fire-Resistant Electrical Cable with a 1,050°C Heat Resistance Rating" are significant achievements of CADIVI in the research and development of new products. They contribute to building a safer, more beautiful, and environmentally friendly life for the people and society.