• 05:39, 14/12/2019
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On December 12, 2019, in Ho Chi Minh City, CADIVI company cooperated with CTC Global Group to successfully organize the conference to introduce new products ACCC® advanced conductor with the participation of many experts. from the Electricity industry and its customers. Speakers and delegates disseminated and excitedly exchanged a lot of experience and new knowledge about the ACCC® product.



View of the conference to introduce new products ACCC® super heat cable of CADIVI company

At the Conference, Mr. Carl Ulrich, Vice President of CTC Global, said that the ACCC® advanced conductor manufactured by CADIVI company uses composite cores according to CTC's exclusive patent in California, USA with the following criteria: The most stringent standards are updated in 2019. Compared to traditional ACSR steel core aluminum wire, the ACCC® conductor is lighter, the tensile strength is greater and the thermal expansion coefficient is 10 times smaller, thereby increasing the efficiency, operating capacity, reducing thermal sag. Currently, the construction works of ACCC® conductor in the world have developed to more than 700 projects in many countries from the Americas to Europe, Asia and Africa.


Mr. Carl Ulrich, Vice President of CTC Global Corporation presented at the Conference

Presenting at the Conference, Mr. Nguyen Tung Minh, Director of R&D of CADIVI company, said that to produce ACCC® conductor, CADIVI company has invested in many new modern production lines such as aluminum furnace 20,000 tons / year. , tractors, specialized torsion machines ... together with pure aluminum material with high electrical conductivity,% IACS> 63% ... so the CADIVI ACCC® superheater cable will withstand the operating temperature. operating up to 200OC, capable of carrying double the ACSR, reducing transmission losses by 20-40%, reducing pillar construction costs, reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption ...

In the discussion, the speakers and attendees presented a lot of knowledge and experience about the process of construction, installation, use as well as future prospects of the product with great potential. developed in our country market today.

The conference was a great success in the afternoon after the delegates took part in the tour of the factory directly at CADIVI Dong Nai Co., Ltd., which is operating the super heat cable production line system. CADIVI's ACCC®.

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