CADIVI Company is listed among the top 25 leading brands in the Personal and Industrial Consumer Goods Company category as voted by Forbes Vietnam.

  • 08:15, 17/08/2023
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In the August 2023 issue, Forbes Vietnam magazine announced the results of the top 25 leading brands in the Personal and Industrial Consumer Goods Company category, with CADIVI Company being among them.

This marks the eighth consecutive year that Forbes Vietnam has compiled a list of brands and the third year of categorizing companies by industry. This year's list focuses on companies in the Personal and Industrial Consumer Goods sector.




ACTIVITY FIELD: Electric cables.


CADIVI is a leading Vietnamese company in the field of electrical cable manufacturing, operating with the slogan "Bringing light everywhere." The company's products hold a 90% market share for household cables in the Southern region, 20% in the Northern region, and 70% in the Central region. Nationally, the company holds a 30% market share, with a distribution network of 200 primary agents and 2,000 secondary agents, according to self-reported data.

Currently, CADIVI has three factories, two subsidiary companies, and an extensive distribution network covering the entire country. In 2023, the company introduced a new product: slow-burning nylon-sheathed residential wires, THHN and THHN-2, designed and manufactured to meet safety standards and stringent requirements of the global safety science company, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 83, as well as complying with the design and installation requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC-NFPA). These wires are constructed with copper conductors, PVC insulation, and nylon sheathing.





ACTIVITY FIELD: Electrical equipment.


GELEX's predecessor is the Vietnam Electric Equipment Corporation. Currently, GELEX operates under a holding model, owning controlling shares in GELEX Power specializing in industrial production (electrical industry), and GELEX Infrastructure specializing in infrastructure business (energy, real estate, construction materials, clean water supply, etc.).

GELEX owns several subsidiary companies with well-known brands such as Vietnam Electric Cable Corporation (CADIVI), Electrical Equipment Company (THIBIDI), Electrical Measuring Equipment Company (EMIC), Hanoi Electrical Mechanical Manufacturing Company (HEM), Vietnam Copper Wire Company (CFT), Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Company, and more. Through its subsidiary, VIGLACERA (owning over 50% of shares), GELEX is involved in multiple industrial real estate and industrial park projects in the Northern region.