• 03:35, 05/05/2020
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In order to improve the quality and longevity for H1Z2Z2-K solar cable products used in termite and rodent environments, CADIVI company has researched and developed H1Z2Z2-K / AT products. (R) has a termite / rodent protection feature with many additional extras like:
  • The cable still possesses all existing features of the current H1Z2Z2-K solar cable.
    During the manufacturing process, the cable shell is added compound termite (AT symbol) or anti-termite (rodent ATR), ensuring compliance with BSEN 50618 standards.
    After adding chemicals to the cable casing, the rodents or insects that bite into the shell will feel uncomfortable, which will help the cable avoid being destroyed.
    Derived from Ethylene-vinyl acetate, the compound used in addition to the cable does not contain heavy metals, does not affect human health or the environment, meets RoHS standards, only works with insects, rodents ...


The use of rodent-resistant solar cable products, CADIVI's H1Z2Z2-K / AT (R) termites will help customers be assured of the quality of the operation of their solar constructions in environmental conditions termite, rodents.

Therefore, this new product of CADIVI has been trusted and used by customers in projects such as:

Quang Minh-Buon Don solar power plant - Daklak province.
Solar power plant My Son - Hoan Loc Viet - Ninh Son district, Ninh Thuan province.
Developing new properties for traditional products means the process of adding added value to products, helping customers have more choices. This is one of the core values ​​that CADIVI company is determined to implement to better serve our customers.

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